Make Lactose Free Easter Eggs

If you suffer from lactose intolerance, you already know the huge number of foods and treats containing dairy products that should be avoided. Luckily, lactose-free Easter eggs are not only easy to find, but they’re also easy to make at home! Try this simple lactose-free Easter egg recipe that kids and adults alike will love. They are perfect for filling Easter baskets and are a beautiful decoration for any Easter party.

This lactose-free Easter egg recipe is effortless enough to try. By simply substituting lactose-free chocolate, you can create your own chocolate Easter eggs this holiday season. Most quality dark chocolates are already dairy-free. You want to avoid all amazing public brands because they sometimes contain dairy ingredients other than milk. Be sure to read the label for ingredients from dairy sources. Vegan chocolate is also a safe choice, as vegan people avoid foods of animal origin.

Chocolate Easter Eggs
Chocolate Easter Eggs

Remark Make Lactose Free Chocolate Easter Eggs

Serves: 12
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Absolute time: 2 hours to set and firm

You need:

Egg Mold – You can usually find these at a specialty baking store. During the season, you can often find them among Easter stalls. You want to search the bakery section of the store.
Empty egg carton for refrigerator protection.

Vegan chocolate chips or a bar
The amount of chocolate will depend entirely on the size of the mould. Promote first, check your mold for measurement. You should only melt enough dairy-free chocolate to fill the dairy-free Easter egg mold.

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If you are using a bar, cut it into small pieces. Smaller pieces will melt faster and evenly.
Melt the dairy-free vegan chocolate chips (or bar) in a miniature wave dish for 10 second intervals and stir after each 10 second period until the chocolate is smooth.

Pour the mixture into the egg moulds.

Freeze for quick setting – a few minutes – then transfer to refrigerator until firm, about two hours. This may vary depending on the type of chocolate used.

Remove from mold. Twist like an ice cube tray and the eggs should pop out of the mold.

Serve the eggs on an egg level or in an empty egg carton. You can also use the egg carton to store eggs in the refrigerator.

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