Using WordPress For Website Development

WordPress is a content management system or can be considered a web development platform which was introduced in 2003 and is still popular among web developers. However, over the past few years, this CMS has offered several new renditions, advanced features, themes, modules, and expansions for developers to use. And you might be surprised to know that over 34% of active web locales are running on WordPress today. And this great popularity and usage of the platform has increased the demand for WordPress developers and WordPress development companies today.

How To Index a New WordPress Website – Get Found by Google
How To Index a New WordPress Website – Get Found by Google

Over time, the demand and use of this CMS has grown more than some of the popular content management systems like SharePoint and Drupal. With an enormous range of customizable modules, tools, extensions, themes, and features, WordPress has proven to be arguably the best web development and distribution platform today.

And here are the advantages of WordPress development that you need to know.

WordPress is basic to use:

WordPress is effortless enough to use standard compatibility to other CMS platforms. The platform has a very instinctive interface. And adding new blog posts, web pages, pictures, and so forth is much easier and can be done quickly on this platform. And due to its ease of use, the time spent developing WordPress is also less than other CMS like Drupal and Joomla. Besidess, developers have to deal with less coding with WordPress and can use the out-of-the-box templates that come with this content management system.

Website Development
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Comes with attractive themes and web origination options:

WordPress comes with over a thousand different themes and origination options, most of which are free. These available themes and origination options can also be customized or customized as per project requirements.

Availability of a huge range of modules and extensions:

WordPress comes with over 22,000 modules and expansions that help optimize locales, speed up web destinations, and increase destination exhibitions. There is also a module library in WordPress which can be installed or activated and can be used at different scales and features. Some of the modules available are Yoast Website optimization, PixelYourSite, Website optimization Extreme, Search engine optimization promote in one pack, and more to recovery.

Facilitates content management:

Website content management is simple with this CMS. You can simplify your web content management tasks such as assigning editors, administrators, authors, adjusting word records, altering entire website content and much more on WordPress.

An open-source CMS:

WordPress is open source in nature and is a cost effective content management system. It also means that you can download, install and use WordPress for free and you may have to pay a little to use paid modules, expansions and themes.

Associate in the creation of responsive web locales:
WordPress associates with creating responsive web locales. This means that you can create web locales that can adapt to any device and screen such as an office computer, small form factor computer, tablet or other portable device. This responsive feature of the CMS ensures a consistent user experience across all devices.

Speed and efficiency:

WordPress, with all its features, modules, augmentations and themes, helps to create high-performance and fast web locales. Besides, the availability of these features and elements guarantees faster and efficient webpage development with the CMS.

The list of benefits does not end there. Apart from that, WordPress also supports multiple hosting options and has huge community support, which also gives WordPress a reason to choose standard affinity to other CMS platforms available.

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