Shoot for the stars
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The magic of the camera in the hands of great directors makes children of the world dream of stardom. No ban, the world of filmmaking is notoriously difficult to break into, but young aspiring filmmakers take heart!

The Blustery Slope Children’s Film Celebration, opening this spring, is on a slightly smaller scale than the bigger festivals in New York and Hollywood…for now. Opening in Menlo Park on April 9, Blustery Slope will showcase films by young filmmakers from fourth grade through high school. Festival organizers expect several movies this year in the South Sound area. And with inspiring leaders like its young founder, Shelby Rachleff, the sky is the limit. Better watch out, Hollywood: this kid dreams big.

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Shelby, a seventh grader at Menlo School, has taken on no small challenge. Fueled by her love of film, Shelby’s film celebration will be the first of its kind in the greater Palo Alto San Mateo area. The celebration will encourage dialogue between filmmakers and community members in a supportive environment.

Shelby first decided to organize a film celebration after attending the Telluride Film Celebration in Colorado. “This summer, I went to the Telluride Film Celebration with my parents and was inspired to try to emulate what I saw,” Shelby said. “I thought it would roughage a lot of my friends who like to play with Apple’s easy-to-use iMovie and digital cameras. If they could share their movies with other kids, it could inspire them and be a lot of fun at the same time!”

This future producer caught the movie bug at a young age. Even when she was little, she thought of ways to translate her favorite books into scripts.

“I’m a pretty voracious reader,” Shelby said. “I would take notes on which of the books I read would make a great movie. I would ask my parents how I could make a career out of it when I was city chairman.”

Shoot for the stars
Shoot for the stars

Pursuing this dream, Shelby attended iD Tech Camps, a week-long summer technology program for students ages seven to 17 at Stanford University and other prestigious universities across the country. At the camp, Shelby took courses in web design and digital film and recording production.

“At camp, I worked as a group to produce a film. We edited it with the help of our teacher,” Shelby said. “It was very exciting to use professional products like Standard digital cameras, Adobe Eventual outcomes for special effects and Apple Finished product Ace for professional film editing. We had a lot of fun, learned a lot and definitely got inspired to produce more films. It was a great experience. experience to start with.

Shelby’s exposure to cutting-edge film programming and equipment helped focus her interest in filmmaking and raised the bar of expectations for her. After attending boot camp at Stanford University, she was inspired to try new things in her movies.

“Going an iD Tech Camps made me want to use Finished product Master to incorporate more amazing things into my movies to make them more sophisticated,” said Shelby. “It was my first genuine introduction to using specific techniques, like imported sounds, different logos, and experiments with lighting. It has definitely stimulated my interest in filmmaking.”

“Sin ban, Shelby right now learned that running a movie celebration is about more than just producing great movies. As April approaches, she’s busy calling schools to confirm their participation, sending emails about the celebration, checking the system sound check and viewing tickets.He is also preparing his welcome speech and introductions to the various films.The guest speaker at the celebration will be Gardner Loulan, a native of Portola Valley and VJ of MTV’s mtvU show.

“Gardner is really warm and will inspire the kids,” Shelby said. “We wanted this celebration to be non-threatening to the kids – even though there is a judge, it will be a really non-threatening and supportive environment for the kids at Tasks levels to show their entries. The idea is to get tasks involved and hopefully, build momentum so we can continue this celebration for years to come.”

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