dreams don't die when you do

Take stock of your life. Is this where you pictured yourself to be? Is this the meaning of your past aspirations? To what extent do you feel like you’ve achieved your goals? If you’ve answered no to any of these questions, it’s time to start working toward your goals. This is a binary choice. It’s impossible to put an end to your dreams.

what is life without dreams
what is life without dreams

If you ever get the chance to speak to a group of third graders, one of the best exercises you can do is to ask each student to share one of their hopes for the future. All kids dream, as adults know. They’re never confused about their career goals. They will gladly share with you their hopes and aspirations. Now, tell me, what makes you so different from one of those third graders that you’re forty, fifty, or sixty years old?

Well, I’ll tell you what changed: life!

It’s just how life is. Life is full of ups and downs, wins and losses, triumphs and humiliations, triumphs and disappointments. Everything you can imagine will happen in your lifetime. Most of us accept the idea that we can do nothing to change this. How we react to the unexpected challenges life throws at us is a major contributor to our sense that we have no choice but to accept them. Can you let those experiences deter you from pursuing your goals, or do they fuel you to work even more diligently?

Even positive experiences have the potential to put an end to one’s aspirations. Let me repeat myself. When good things happen, they suffocate your hopes. Do you agree that marriage is beneficial? Getting married is seen as a sign of success by society everywhere in the world. To achieve this is lauded. marriage, for all its glory, is a major derailer of one’s hopes and ambitions. I wonder how many bright-eyed, hopeful young women have had their hopes and dreams snuffed out like steam from a candle. Put that idea of vapor on hold for now. It’s estimated that millions of married women are not happy despite having what society considers to be “good” relationships. There are many happy married men who are not pursuing their passions.

why is life not an empty dream
why is life not an empty dream

How many people have secured secure, well-paying jobs, only to realize that their childhood dreams have faded into the background? It’s as if they came from another dimension. Many times, it’s the things we value most that end up holding us back from achieving greatness. When things are “good” in our lives, it’s easy to get comfortable. Many of us just coast through life. One of the most deadly things that can happen to your dreams is to have a comfortable life. You have a job, a steady income, and enough money to cover your expenses, but you’re still deeply in debt. Moderate debt, but you’re making your payments on time each month and still managing to maintain a comfortable standard of living. Everything is fine right now. In spite of this, it is not a positive experience.

You’re amazing when you’re doing what you adore. As a result, you feel happy. In other words, it makes you happy. When you’re in the middle of it, you can’t help but enjoy every moment. Having a wonderful life does not require taking out loans. You will be able to realize your goals and start living life on your own terms, not those of a lender or creditor.

The vapor from before has returned. You have to realize that the absence of water does not imply it does not exist. It’s always been there, it just takes on different forms. However, that state can revert to water. Such examples abound in the natural world. We now have a better understanding of rain. Think about everything that has kept you from pursuing your goals in life. The term “Evaporation” can be used to describe whatever it is that has been described. In the water cycle, this is the step that causes water molecules to turn into vapor. Condensation, however, is a separate process. Forcing the vapor to condense once again is the procedure for doing so.

dark dreams don’t die boston

Your hopes and aspirations are eternal. Your hopes and wishes can be rekindled if you channel the proper vitality into them. Any choice will do. All it takes is for you to decide for yourself that you will follow your dreams no matter what obstacles life throws at you. Without a vision for your future, it will be impossible to live a great life. It’s what separates a humdrum existence from a Great one. One choice, however, is all that’s needed. Really not that many. There’s only one option left. Try shifting your perspective and see how things change for you. Goals can’t stop dreaming. Whatever your age, whether it’s 40, 50, or 60, resolve to live a life full of meaning and purpose. Put away your chronological age. Condensation can produce water again, but this is not “used” water. The water we use for drinking and bathing has actually existed for thousands of years. Ignore your chronological age and relax. In the past, as they say. Proceed as you please with the life that follows. It’s up to you to give life to your dreams.

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