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10 List-Structuring Methods

Online marketers depend on their lists. You can earn a lot by using your list properly. If you’ve got a vote email list, you are rich.

structures workshop yr2
structures workshop yr2

In the Information Age, people need information. Unfortunately, people are too busy to locate the specifics. Create a specialty newsletter with lots of useful information to attract subscribers.


Free e-courses attract email addresses because people want information. Create a seven-part email course. The e-course subtly promotes your product!


Post articles to directories. If your material is good, users will sign up for your newsletter in the resource box.

Free books

Free e-books are great list builders. Just vital information for which people will exchange email addresses is enough. You can write or hire a ghostwriter. Make sure your visitors want it, and include connections to your products or websites throughout the book. Add backlinks to boost revenues.

Free Membership Website

Free subscription websites are great for collecting email addresses. Free valuable stuff to registered subscribers. You can then upsell them to different goods or membership levels with greater resources.


Squeeze pages collect email addresses before showing a sales letter. It’s efficient, and you’re able to tailor the sales message with client name or squeeze page information.


Unique turn-up windows can encourage newsletter signups. These can remind people to sign on for further information as they arrive or leave your website.


Giving away something valuable that others want to share is viral marketing. It could be a video, book, game, or similar. It includes your website so folks can sign up for your newsletter and acquire further information.


Big Online giveaways where many of people send free stuff for email registration are a popular new list development approach. These methods can fast build your list, but giveaway prospects may not be the most responsive.


For example, “20% off Abc for readers” or numerous relevant e-books or reports.

These five techniques will help you build your list and profit from it.

Useful material in a specialty newsletter will draw subscribers.

A online e-course will get email addresses because people want information. Free e-books are great list builders. A free membership service is a unique technique to collect email addresses.

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